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About DIFL Institute

DIFL has been training students, businessmen, jewellers, exporters, employees, guides etc. in foreign languages such as Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, German & English, since last 44 yrs. The Directors of the institute have themselves stayed for many years abroad in the respective countries whose languages they are teaching.

The basic approach of teaching is not only confined to mere knowledge of the language but to make the student communicate effectively and attain such a skill so as to handle all the practical situations of life through the respective language.

We have earned a reputation for training motivated individuals in small groups and using a communicative approach developed out of experience. Our students have acquired fluency in these languages, irrespective of their educational background or the knowledge of English, usually considered to be a must for learning foreign languages.

Hundred of our students are engaged into active business with many countries by developing good relations with their buyers by communicating in their native languages.

DIFL is now honoured to be recognised by EUROLINGUA INSTITUTE, FRANCE Interested students can now register themselves for Advance Homestay Courses, conducted abroad, after doing the required course at DIFL.

Individual courses of small groups can also be arranged on special request.


Social cause

DIFL is committed with its full fervour to the cause of charity and benevolence. We fully acknowledge our duty equally towards the haves and the have-nots of the society. Our one of the motives is making the knowledge break its boundaries and letting it freely flow to various unprivileged sections of the society rather than confining it to merely the elite class. The education scenario in India must change and knowledge be allowed to permeate to the weaker sections of the society. Committed to this cause of ours, Our endeavor has since always been, imparting quality education to the students of even remote areas where only few people reach by means of contests / seminars / workshops. Every year many students who can not afford to pay for the courses are taught free or at subsidized fees at DIFL.

We have conducted various courses for Personality development, English improvement, Vocabulary enhancement, Spelling correction, handwriting improvement, Speed writing, Foreign languages etc. in villages and remote areas to help enable the spread of knowledge to the needy.