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Having earned the reputation of perfectionists in the field of languages, with our latest venture Shabd Handwriting Technlogies (http://www.myshabd.com) we pledge to be committed to the following causes:

1. Introduction of our innovative handwriting related courses such as Handwriting Improvement, Speed writing and Calligraphy courses. Our handwriting improvement course is an innovative course through which an individual can improve his handwriting miraculously in just 7 days of one hour each day class, without any homework, irrespective of his age.

2. On the anvil is an array of short duration but power packed courses which are intensive despite of their short duration such as Specialised vocabulary enhancement course based on practical encounter rather than bookish courses,

3. Inviting foreign faculty from various countries who will teach the students various courses specific to their country and making the students acquainted with their country's culture, custom and tradition.

4. Providing the Indian students a platform of international exposure through various exchange programs between other countries and imparting them enriching cross border interactive educational interactions.

5.Making such unique courses available from various parts of the world which may not be easily available anywhere else.

6. Organising seminars, workshops and contests at schools in semi-urban areas too, to create a healthy competition amongst the students to motivate them to ameliorate their skills.