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DIFL Teachers

Mr. VK Sharma Prof. Dr. V.K. Sharma

Dr. V.K SHARMA- 094140-70568
- An immensely experienced person with a long teaching experience and deep understanding of language to the core. Has lived abroad for many years. Extensively traveled to various parts of the world. Makes learning Italian language as easy as one two three.

Kamlesh SharmaMrs. Kamlesh sharma

Mrs. KAMLESH SHARMA- 09983-989898
A brilliant track record of teaching foreign languages to varied types of students
, no matter what their academic background is. Knows to make even the most difficult topics so easy by her extensive knowledge that even a not so sharp student grasps it almost instantaneously. Makes learning language a fun and a child’s play with ease. An excellent teacher of Spanish

Mr. Priyanshu SharmaMr. Priyanshu Sharma

PRIYANSHU SHARMA- 09929-515151
A handsome yet very courteous teacher who is always on toes for your help with his mesmerizing smile. Has a deep core understanding of the languages taught by him not only academically but also practically. Well-versed with the ethics and mannerism of various countries’ citizens because of his extensive stay and traveling abroad in various countries. Switches from one language to another sans difficulté. Known amongst the students as “the motivator”. Teaches Japanese, French and English.

Mrs. Roopshikha SharmaMrs. Roopshikha Sharma

A very humble and soft-spoken teacher of English , makes English everybody’s cup of tea by providing an array of explicit examples. Always remains ready for the help of the students. Provides answers of the students’ queries in a pleasing manner.