• Welcome to DIFL- Dante Institute of Foreign Languages, where learning French in Jaipur is an enriching experience! Explore the depth of the French language with our extensive large batch courses. Here’s what sets our large French classes apart:

    🌟 Generous Batch Size:

    • Accommodates a maximum of 8 to 10 students per batch.
    • Learn in a dynamic and vibrant group setting.

    Patiently Awaited Start:

    • Waiting period of 30-35 days after registration.
    • Secure your spot amidst advanced registrations.

    Extended Duration:

    • Comprehensive learning over 16-17 months.
    • Ideal for those seeking a long-term language journey.

    💲 Budget-Friendly Fees:

    • Lower monthly fees for a restrained budget.
    • Total fees spread across the extended duration.

    👩‍🏫 Dedicated Instructors:

    • Learn under the guidance of experienced instructors.
    • Benefit from a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

    🌐 Accessible Location:

    • Conveniently located French classes near you.
    • Be a part of the best French institute in Jaipur.

    🌐 Structured Curriculum:

    • Comprehensive coverage of DELF and spoken French.
    • Ensure a holistic language learning experience.

    Whether you opt for our small batches or large ones, Dante Institute of Foreign Languages is committed to providing top-notch French classes. Join us and enhance your linguistic prowess today!


    Embark on your French language journey with Dante Institute of Foreign Languages – where excellence meets accessibility. Join our top French classes and elevate your linguistic skills today!

    Call or WhatsApp Mr Priyanshu Sharma on 9929-51 51 51 or Roopshikha ma’am on 9314502814 or Akash Verma on 97722 99579 for more details. You may email us at priyanshushar@gmail.com


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