About: Priyanshu Sharma

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Mr. Priyanshu Sharma DIFL
Mr. Priyanshu Sharma, the dynamic Director of DIFL, who currently leads the institute with his global vision and expertise

Priyanshu Sharma is the Director of DIFL- Dante Institute of Foreign Languages and a highly experienced teacher with over 33 years of experience in teaching foreign languages. His passion for teaching and expertise in the subject is reflected in the exceptional quality of education offered at DIFL.

What sets Priyanshu Sharma apart is his vast experience and global exposure. Having lived abroad for many years, he has traveled to several countries, imbibing knowledge and expertise that he brings to the table at DIFL. He is well-informed and thorough with his knowledge, making him an exceptional teacher who is committed to delivering an exceptional learning experience for his students.

Priyanshu Sharma’s approachable and patient demeanor makes him a favorite among his students. His friendly nature, coupled with his infectious smile, wins hearts and puts students at ease. He is known to be kind and noble, always benevolently committed to his students, especially the needy ones. His dedication towards his students’ welfare is evident in the quality of education offered at DIFL.

Priyanshu Sharma’s mission is to make foreign language education accessible to all, and his efforts have made DIFL a popular institute that has transformed the lives of many. With his years of experience, global exposure, and passion for teaching, Priyanshu Sharma is an exceptional Director, committed to providing students with the best possible education.