Late Dr. V. K. Sharma - Founder of DIFL
Late Dr. V. K. Sharma, Founder of DIFL – Dante Institute of Foreign Languages

Dr. V. K. Sharma, late founder of DIFL, was a person of immeasurable integrity and trustworthiness. He lived his life on the path of righteousness, guided by his extremely strong faith in his Guru Shri Data Maharaj and Guru’s wife Mateshwari. Dr. Sharma was a man who would never lie for any sake and always upheld the highest standards of honesty. He was not just a self-made man, but also a person of remarkable patience, who inspired others through his gentle guidance and example. A renowned professor of Chemistry at the University of Rajasthan, Dr. Sharma’s love for language and education was evident from his journey in the language learning world. He went to Italy for his research work in Chemistry and studied Italian at the Dante school of Italian in Rome, which deeply impacted him and inspired him to start DIFL upon his return to India 53 years ago. With his unique, no books, practical and immersive approach to teaching, Dr. Sharma was a true mentor who dedicated his life to helping others improve their lives through language learning. He was able to help countless students achieve their goals, both professionally and personally, through his passion and belief in the power of education.

Dr. Sharma was a natural mentor who inspired others through his example and gentle guidance, not just with words but with his unparalleled character. Despite his vast knowledge and experience, Dr. Sharma never lost sight of the importance of serving others. He was always willing to go the extra mile to help those in need, and his honesty and trustworthiness inspired others to follow his example.

Dr. V. K. Sharma was a truly remarkable individual who inspired countless people throughout his life. He will always be remembered as a kind and compassionate teacher, who dedicated his life to helping the needy reach their full potential.