Course Options for English

Disclaimer– At DIFL – Dante Institute of Foreign Languages, a 53 years of legacy, we pride ourselves on providing English language courses that are comprehensive, detailed, and tailored to the individual needs of our students, covering a wide range of such topics, including vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, which are usually not taught in schools or other English teaching institutions. Our courses are unique and cannot be compared to courses offered by other institutions. We believe that your entire future career depends on the knowledge of English and your communication skills. That’s why we provide detailed courses even when we take a limited number of students in every batch. We understand that laying a strong foundation is crucial and we want to ensure that our students do not need any additional courses in the future. We acknowledge that our courses are very detailed and require patience and hard work from both sides. However, we strongly believe that the effort is worth it. Other institutes may offer courses with larger class sizes to keep lower fees but they often cut corners on content and topics covered which ruins the purpose. Use your judgement and choose wisely, After all it’s about developing your life long skill, for a rock solid career!

English Large Batch

  • These classes offer lower monthly fees but a longer duration of learning which extends to 7 months.
  • This structure is perfect for students who do not have immediate goals for using the language but are looking for long-term learning opportunities and have restrained monthly budget.
  • Our larger batches for English language classes have maximum of 8 to 10 students per batch.
  • There is a waiting period of around 30-35 days after registration as usually at least 2-3 batches have advanced registration.

English Small Batch

  • Our smaller batches for English language classes are designed to accommodate 4-6 students per batch, with a shorter waiting period of usually 15-20 days and a shorter duration of around 6 months.
  • This structure is perfect for students who want to achieve their language goals faster but are flexible with slightly higher monthly fees, though the total fee is almost the same as the large batch due to the shorter duration.
  • The smaller batch size ensures that each student receives individual attention and personalized guidance from our experienced and certified instructors.
  • Our certified instructors offer more interaction and direct guidance with the expert faculty. This will give you the exact native-level conversational experience which other students themselves cannot give.

English Individual Course

  • For individuals who prefer a more personalized approach to learning English, one-on-one tutoring or private lessons may be a better option.
  • One-on-one tutoring or private lessons allow for a customized curriculum tailored to the individual’s needs, learning style, and schedule.
  • Individual lessons also provide more flexibility in terms of course duration, allowing the individual to choose a shorter study plan based on their goals and availability.
  • The individual course can be started immediately without any wait time.
  • Though the monthly fee may be higher in an individual course, the total cost is not much different as the duration is almost half that of large batches.

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