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Dreaming of fluent conversations in French, mastering Mandarin, or navigating the nuances of Arabic? Look no further than DIFL – Dante Institute of Foreign Languages, your trusted partner in unlocking the world through language.

Explore a Kaleidoscope of Languages:

  • Master the Romance: Dive into the elegance of French, the passion of Italian, or the charm of Spanish.
  • Unlock the East: Learn Chinese Mandarin, decipher Japanese Kanji, or explore the rising K-pop or BTS Korean wave.
  • Bridge the Gap: Learn Spoken English, the global language with American or British accent, or delve into the precision of German.
  • Embrace Diversity: From French to Arabic, we offer a multitude of languages to satisfy your wanderlust.

Why Choose DIFL?

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced instructors, native speakers themselves, ignite your passion and empower you to overcome linguistic hurdles.
  • Tailored Learning: We craft personalized study plans, catering to your unique learning style and goals, whether you’re a business professional, aspiring traveler, or simply language enthusiast.
  • Interactive Immersion: Our dynamic classes go beyond rote memorization, offering engaging activities and conversation-focused exercises to build your fluency.
  • Vibrant Community: Connect with fellow language learners, share experiences, and celebrate your progress in a supportive environment.

Finding Your Perfect Language Fit:

  • Browse our FAQs: Get instant answers to your burning questions about our courses, schedules, and more.
  • Search by language: Easily navigate to the specific language program you’re interested in.
  • Location advantage: Locate DIFL centers near you and find the perfect learning hub.
  • Compare and conquer: We proudly stand out! See why DIFL is the “best Chinese institute near me” or the “top choice for learning Japanese.”

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We have been offering Basic to Advanced level courses in 12 languages for last 53 years, namely- French, Japanese, Chinese, English, German, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi for Foreigners and Handwriting Improvement courses of Hindi and English.

We have 3 types of course options in each language, namely “Large batch”, “Small Batch” and “Individual” and Handwriting Courses with only two options “Handwriting Improvement” and “Speed Writing”.

The duration of courses in foreign languages range from 6 months to 17 months depending upon the choice of language and structure chosen. The duration of Handwriting courses is 10 days to 20 days only. For more information you may call or Whatsapp us on 9929-51 51 51 or email us at info@mydifl.com

There are no registration charges. You just need to deposit your first month fee, a passport size photo and a copy of your AADHAR Card for registration, either offline at our institute or online by Google Pay, PhonePe or Paytm on 9929- 51 51 51

Our Online classes begin as early as 5 o’ clock in the morning and as late as 9 o’ clock in the evening, catering to students from different time zones from various parts of the world. As for Offline classes, the usual timings are either morning 7 to 11 or evening 4 to 7 in group structures. As for Individual Offline classes, any timing can be chosen. You may discuss your preferences with us.

There’s no specific age limit to join any course at DIFL. With our unique pedagogy, a keen learner from any age group ranging from 5 years to 75 years can learn a language at DIFL.

With our unique teaching methodology evolved out of 5 decades of experience, it is possible even for a learner with practically very basic educational level to learn a foreign language at DIFL. Thousands of students with Rural background and bare minimum education have made their success stories after being a student of DIFL.

At other institutes it is necessary but not at DIFL. We specialise in teaching foreign languages in a “no-books technique“, with your native language as the medium of instruction which in India is majorly Hindi unlike other institutes who base their teaching totally on books which are written in English. It helps you attain Advance level in comparatively short duration and much easily.

Most of our classes can be taken Online, Offline and Hybrid for more than 21 years with few exceptions of some languages like Korean, Arabic, Thai and Russian which are currently available only Online.

With a strict limit on the number of students in a batch, specially prepared content and all live classes, our online courses are also as effective as our offline courses.

No. It promotes a wrong practice of missing classes frequently which we never support. We advise you not to miss any classes for the sake of complete knowledge. However, a class may be recorded for you in case of a special request in an inevitable circumstance. The decision is solely at the discretion of the teacher.

Choosing a foreign language is a critical decision that deserves careful consideration. Your current interests, future aspirations, geographic context, and budget all play a significant role in this choice. We strongly advise against making this decision hastily or solely based on unreliable sources or the recommendations of individuals lacking expertise in foreign language learning. It’s also wise to approach institutes offering only a limited number of languages with caution, as their advice may be biased due to their limited scope.

For unbiased guidance tailored to your unique needs and career goals, call DIFL – Dante Institute of Foreign Languages, your trusted partner in language learning. We offer instruction in over 12 languages and can be reached at 9929-51 51 51.


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For any further information you may call or Whatsapp us on 9929-51 51 51 or email us at info@mydifl.com.

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