Join as faculty

Join as faculty

Dear Language Enthusiast,

Are you passionate about teaching foreign languages and shaping the language skills of eager learners? Join our team at the Dante Institute of Foreign Languages (DIFL), where innovation meets education. We’re looking for dedicated language enthusiasts who are willing to learn an entirely unique pedagogical method,  eventually join as a faculty and be a part of our TTP (Thought Translation Process) revolution. If you’re ready to make a real impact in the world of language education, consider joining us at DIFL, where learning knows no boundaries.

Warm regards, 

Priyanshu Sharma- Director, DIFL

Mobile no- 9929- 51 51 51



Dante Institute of Foreign Languages
2/11, DIFL House, Near Mama ka Hotel,
In front of Jawahar Enclave, Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur