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Foreign language learners, looking for the best site for jobs based on foreign languages like French, Japanese, English, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian and Thai and Hindi do not have to go anywhere now! 

Have you invested years in learning a foreign language many years ago but but never used it? Dante Institute of Foreign Languages is here to rekindle your language skills. Our intensive courses will breathe new life into your proficiency, and we’ll guide you on harnessing your linguistic abilities to secure job opportunities. In today’s globalized world, multilingualism is a valuable asset. DIFL’s training equips you to excel in the job market, opening doors to positions where language proficiency is in high demand. Don’t let your language skills go to waste; let DIFL help you revitalize them and embark on a career-enhancing journey. 

Our dedicated placement team can help you find a good job in India or abroad, even if you didn’t learn your language at DIFL.

We have a large pool of students who are themselves jewelers, exporters, hoteliers, tourist guides, escorts, travel agents, and industrialists, so there are chances of you being hired directly by them.

To get started, simply WhatsApp your résumé to our placement team on 9772299579 or just fill the form below and upload your résumé!

We look forward to helping you find the perfect job!

Additional Information:

We can help you find jobs in a variety of industries, including:

  • Translation and interpreting
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • International business and trade
  • Education
  • Government and non-profit organizations

We can also help you prepare for job interviews and write effective resumes and cover letters.

Our services are completely free to all foreign language learners.

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