Tailored Learning for Swift Italian Language Mastery

Discover the efficiency of language learning with Dante Institute of Foreign Languages (DIFL) through our specialized Smaller Batch Italian Courses. Designed to cater to the needs of students aiming for rapid language proficiency, this unique structure ensures personalized attention and a shorter duration for achieving your language goals.

Intimate Learning Environment with 4-6 Students per Batch

Our Smaller Batch Italian Courses are crafted to accommodate 4-6 students per batch, fostering an intimate learning environment. This smaller class size guarantees that each student receives individual attention, creating an ideal setting for focused learning and accelerated progress.

Reduced Waiting Period and Shorter Duration

Experience a shorter waiting period of usually 15-20 days before joining a batch, allowing you to kickstart your language journey promptly. With a duration of around 13-14 months, our Smaller Batch Courses offer a fast-track approach to achieving language proficiency, perfect for those who want to expedite their learning process.

Flexible Structure with Slightly Higher Monthly Fees

Our unique structure provides flexibility for students aiming to achieve language goals faster. While the monthly fees may be slightly higher, the total fee remains comparable to larger batches due to the shorter duration. This flexibility allows learners to balance their budget while fast-tracking their language learning journey.

Individual Attention and Personalized Guidance

The smaller batch size ensures that our experienced and certified instructors can provide individual attention and personalized guidance. Benefit from direct interaction with expert faculty members, enhancing your learning experience with focused attention on your unique learning needs.

Native-Level Conversational Experience

Engage in native-level conversational experiences with our certified instructors. The direct guidance from expert faculty members sets our Smaller Batch Italian Courses apart, offering an exact native-level conversational experience that enhances your language proficiency beyond what traditional methods can provide.

Enroll Today for Swift Italian Language Proficiency!

To enroll in our Smaller Batch Italian Courses and fast-track your language journey, contact Mr. Priyanshu Sharma at 9929-51 51 51, Roopshikha Ma’am at 9314502814, or Akash Verma at 97722 99579. For more details, email us at priyanshushar@gmail.com.

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Join DIFL’s Smaller Batch Italian Courses for a personalized and accelerated approach to achieving swift language proficiency!