Course Options for Korean

Korean Large Batch

We currently offer only Online individual courses for learning the Korean language because it is a unique language that requires personalized attention to meet the specific learning goals and needs of each student. However, Large batches can be made for companies that require courses for a group of 8-10 employees. In such cases, we can create customized courses that meet the requirements of the organization.

Korean Small Batch

    • Our smaller batches for Korean language classes are designed to accommodate 4-6 students per batch, with a shorter waiting period of usually 15-20 days and a shorter duration of around 13-14 months.
    • This structure is perfect for students who want to achieve their language goals faster but are flexible with slightly higher monthly fees, though the total fee is almost the same as the large batch due to the shorter duration.
    • The smaller batch size ensures that each student receives individual attention and personalized guidance from our experienced and certified instructors.
    • Our certified instructors offer more interaction and direct guidance with the expert faculty. This will give you the exact native-level conversational experience which other students themselves cannot give.

Korean Individual Course

      • For individuals who prefer a more personalized approach to learning Koreanone-on-one tutoring or private lessons may be a better option.
      • One-on-one tutoring or private lessons allow for a customized curriculum tailored to the individual’s needs, learning style, and schedule.
      • Individual lessons also provide more flexibility in terms of course duration, allowing the individual to choose a shorter study plan based on their goals and availability.
      • The individual course can be started immediately without any wait time.
      • Though the monthly fee may be higher in an individual course, the total cost is not much different as the duration is almost half that of large batches.

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