Course Options for Russian

Russian Large Batch

  • These courses provide an affordable monthly fee but have a longer duration of 16-17 months.This structure is perfect for students who do not have immediate goals for using the language but are looking for long-term learning opportunities and have restrained monthly budget.
  • This setup is ideal for students who are seeking long-term language learning opportunities and have a limited monthly budget, but do not have any urgent need to use the language in the near future.
  • Our Russian language classes accommodate a maximum of 8 to 10 students per batch, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.
  • Due to the high demand for our classes, there may be a waiting period of approximately 30-35 days after registration, as several batches are usually pre-booked.

Russian Small Batch

    • Our Russian language classes are tailored to smaller groups, with a capacity of 4-6 students per batch. This ensures a more intensive and interactive learning experience with individualized attention. The duration is usually 15 to 20 days.
    • This structure is ideal for students who aim to achieve their language goals in a shorter span of time and are willing to pay slightly higher monthly fees. The smaller batch size ensures that each student receives individual attention and personalized guidance from our experienced and certified instructors.
    • Our certified instructors provide greater opportunities for interaction and personalized guidance under the expert faculty. This ensures that you receive an authentic, native-level conversational experience that cannot be replicated by other students.

Russian Individual Course

      • For individuals who prefer a more personalized approach to learning Russian, one-on-one tutoring or private lessons may be a better option.
      • One-on-one tutoring or private lessons allow for a customized curriculum tailored to the individual’s needs, learning style, and schedule.
      • Individual lessons also provide more flexibility in terms of course duration, allowing the individual to choose a shorter study plan based on their goals and availability.
      • The individual course can be started immediately without any wait time.
      • Though the monthly fee may be higher in an individual course, the total cost is not much different as the duration is almost half that of large batches.

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