• Spanish Large Batch at DIFL- Dante Institute of Foreign Languages 

    Dreaming of mastering Spanish but on a tight budget? Not in a rush to use it? DIFL’s Large Group Classes are your answer! Immerse yourself in the language over 16-17 months, building a solid foundation without breaking the bank.

    Learn Smart, Save More:

    • Extended Program: Take your time with a comprehensive 16-17 month curriculum.
    • Affordable Rates: Enjoy special pricing for our larger groups of 8-10 students.
    • Personalized Attention: Get individual support from our expert  teachers.
    • Dynamic Methodology: Engage in interactive classes that make learning fun.

    Boost Your Spanish with DIFL:

    • Spanish Grammar & Vocabulary: Build a strong base in essential language skills.
    • Conversational Fluency: Practice speaking with classmates in a supportive environment.
    • Writing Proficiency: Master the written word with dedicated Spanish writing exercises.
    • Internationally Recognized Certification: Earn a globally valid certificate upon completion.

    Your Long-Term Advantage:

    • Flexible Options: Choose in-person or online classes (coming soon) to fit your needs.
    • Early Registration: Secure your spot with 30-35 days advance notice.
    • Vibrant Community: Connect with fellow learners and keep practicing Spanish.

    DIFL: Your Gateway to Fluent Spanish:

    • 53 Years of Excellence: We’re Jaipur’s trusted leader in Spanish language education.
    • Quality at Fair Prices: Make your Spanish learning dreams a reality without overspending.
    • Achieve Your Goals: Learn Spanish at your own pace with our personalized approach.

    Choose DIFL for your Spanish language learning journey and experience a blend of trusted education, affordability, and practical language skills. Enroll now to embark on a fulfilling language-learning experience.

    Embark on your Spanish language journey with DIFL, where language learning is dynamic and fulfilling. Enroll now in our limited-size batches, and let us guide you to proficiency in Spanish!

    For your language learning goals, we strongly recommend considering our 53-year-old & Best Spanish language institute in Jaipur – DIFL – DANTE INSTITUTE OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES.

    DIFL has been teaching 12 languages – French, Japanese, English, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, and Thai, and Hindi for Foreigners for the last 53 years, impacting thousands of students online and offline worldwide.

    Call Mr. Priyanshu Sharma on 9929-51 51 51 or Roopshikha ma’am on 9314502814 or Akash Verma on 97722 99579 for more details. You may email us at priyanshushar@gmail.com.